Scarface in Mali: a truly intoxicating thriller about a young ambitious man.

Ladji, an ambitious, 20 year-old bus driver, works hard to keep his sister away from prostitution. Familiar with the ins & outs of trafficking, he begins transporting large amounts of Marijuana and cocaine from Mali to Senegal and Timbuktu, to provide on the demands of Al-Qaeda. Ladji is extremely successful and earns more money than he ever thought possible, but he soon realizes he has to pay an even higher price.

“The most dangerous creation by any society is the man who has nothing to lose”, a quote by James Baldwin and a source of inspiration for Mali-born director Daouda Coulibaly. The result is a truly intoxicating thriller, which has been compared to Scarface by renowned film critics, that questions your perspectives in a way that only novels can.

Soft Porn Salon


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