Countryside Crusade of a man trying to free himself from the past.

Some of the starting points of Martijn Maria Smits’ second feature film Waldstille were a country song by Bill Callahan; Drover, and the concept of a man on a crusade trying to free himself from the past. It’s quite a burden.

Driving back home drunk, high and agitated from a carnival celebration, protagonist Ben causes a car accident that kills his girlfriend and mother of their daughter Cindy. Ben goes to jail and when he is released years later, he finds he has lost everything, including custody of Cindy. Living in the small village of Waldstille it seems impossible to start over again.

Soft Porn Salon



Pensionado – Shariff Nasr

After 29 years at the assembly line, Peter is ready for retirement. A film about the art of saying goodbye.

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