Throwback Thursday: by far the most outrageous film of the 90s'

Child pornography disguised as a cautionary documentary. Exploitative. Gross.  These are just a few of the angry and outraged reactions to Kids after the film came out in 1995. The opposition praised the film for its raw and forthright energy, and its breathtaking images that show the beauty and tragedy of the lost youth of New York. One thing is for sure: Kids was the most notorious film of the nineties and left its mark on generations of youths.

As awful as the story of Kids is, as big of a New York dream the film was for its crew of amateurs. When Kids came out, it catapulted Harmony, Larry and the complete young and non-professional cast into fame. Chloë Sevigny, Korine’s childhood friend who played the role of Jenny, became a countercultural icon and the ultimate it-girl of the nineties.

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We’re Still a Team After All – Sami El Hassani

Inspired by one of his favorite films of all time, La Haine Sami El Hassani shot this incredible video on an iPhone 7.

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