Teenage Transform Triptych: 3 teenagers dealing with loss and grief by working their looks and attitudes.

David, a young farmer, moves to Mexico City to find work and has a hard time getting used to the violence of the city. By dyeing his hair blue and shaping it into a mohawk, he finds his place in the punk scene of the city.   In the coastal regions of Colombia, teenager Alex’ dreams come true when he gets the opportunity to immigrate to America. However, when he finds his little brother is being seduced to join a group of local gangsters, he is forced to choose between his own fortune and that of his family. The third character is Maria, a young Filipina girl, who is forced to move from Manila to live with her grandmother in Quebec after her mother dies. She has a hard time adjusting to her new environment, until she befriends a group of rebellious Filipino teenagers.

Just as in his first film La Playa DC, director Juan Andres Arango’s plays with immigrant teenagers in physical transformation. This time they live thousands of kilometers apart from each other.

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