It all started with a huge fondness for arthouse cinema and a lacking of diverse programming in Rotterdam which brought Charlotte van Zanten en Lisa Smith together in 2012. Ever since then, they support film with their platform Roffa Mon Amour

“With Roffa Mon Amour we offer a platform to rising cinematic talent. We focus on films by filmmakers who are just starting out and who have premiered they’re first or second feature film worldwide. Roffa Mon Amour represents a new generation of cineasts where we look to all parts of the world, cultures and genres. A stubborn coming of age story, a surrealistic comedy or a heartbreaking psychologic drama: beginning filmmakers make a rainbow of color’s worth of films that matter. What is important to us, is that a filmmaker is new in the world of feature film and obviously that his or her  film has to be seen by a greater audience. With its young, art loving audience Roffa Mon Amour helps filmmakers to reach those whom their film was initially made for.”

Roffa Mon Amour - About us


It’s our 5th anniversary this year! To celebrate this magical number we have extended our festival from 5 to 11 days.

Roffa Mon Amour - About us


“On our film blog you can read about the films which we screen en watch at film festivals we visit. We love to hear about the stories behind the film and the ideologies behind the stories.

The whole year round we organise film related events. This year we even come with two new projects involving old and new cinema. Describe to our newsletter if you want to stay up to date or visit our website every now and then.”

And why do they do all this?

“Film can change cultural discours. A film can be seen as entertainment, as propaganda or as an art form. Young filmmakers prove to us every time that they want to entertain, but also they want bring across a message. In only 90 minutes you can be taken away to a subtropic Brazilian island and get involved in political intrigue. A different film can take you through the streets of Teheran where you get caught in a long, surrealistic night. Films travel. They’ll make you laugh and cry and most importantly: think.”

Roffa Mon Amour - About us

ANBI status

Stichting Roffa Mon Amour posses an ANBI-status. You can find more information about a cultural ANBI here.