projects 2021

We’re thankful for the various cinematic projects we worked on in 2021 during summer and autumn after a long, dreadful lockdown.


In June we hosted a short film program with Galerie de Jaloezie during Architecture Month Rotterdam. We presented Tripsitter (2020) by Frederique Pisuisse and You Can’t Automate Me (2021) by Katarina Jazbec. Two rising cinematic talents based in The Netherlands.


In July we set up three sun bed cinema nights under the stars at hotspot Maaskantine Rotterdam. We screened Poetic Justice (1993) John Singleton, Spring Breakers (2012) Harmony Korine and Clueluess (1995) Amy Heckerling. That was fun!

We curated the film-edits for 5 The Pulse events at Garage Rotterdam, a new movement initiative.


In August we had the annual film festival at AVL Mundo in Rotterdam. It was all we dreamed of.

After we jumped on plane to Croatia for open air screenings during electronic music festival Dekmantel Selectors.


In September we collaborated with local chef Soma and prepared an Asian inspired noodle meal and screened our favorite Wong Kar Wai film Fallen Angels (1995). The sky coloured pink and so did our feelings.


In October we presented the Cinema Concerts again with Alberta Balsam and DJ Overdose during Amsterdam Dance Events at the Melkweg.




winner new amour award: residue

We are happy to announce that Merawi Gerima, the director of Residue is the winner of the New Amour Award. The winning film tels about a young filmmaker who returns home after many years away, to write a script about his childhood, only to find his neighborhood unrecognizable and his childhood friends being scattered to the wind.

The New Jury
For the first time this year, a youth jury decided who the winning filmmaker should be. A team of 5 talented film lovers (Ari, Arendt, Ezra, Zedd and Vera) watched the films from the New Makers Competition prior to the festival, and decided that Merawi Gerima of Residue should go home with the New Amour Award – a cash prize of 1,000 euros and the New Amour Award designed by sculpture artist Laura Schurink.

Jury Statement
“Residue follows Jay, a filmmaker who returns to his home neighborhood in Washington DC after many years away to write a script about where he grew up, only to find that gentrification has swept his beloved Q-street beyond recognition. Residue’s camera holds a kind of intimacy that compels attention and empathy from the viewers. The different styles of camerawork are stitched together elegantly through the collage-like editing; the audience is invited to experience different terrains of recollection. Remembrance, as shown in Residue, are fragmented attempts at replicating a desired vision of the past while navigating through inevitable interruptions from a changing present. Equally fragmented is the portrayal of characters within Jay’s world, as each participant in his memory takes a distinct stance on his return and wish to make the film, and each also handled the gentrification of their neighborhood with varying degrees of resistance.”

Design Award: Laura Schurink

Noodle & Film

Roffa Mon Amour x Noodlebar Soma x Paviljoen aan het Water

9 September, 18.00 – 23.00

Let’s combine the two of our favorite things in the world: film and food.

Paviljoen aan het Water
In Rotterdam Charlois accommodates the cutest hidden spot: Paviljoen aan het Water. We love this place; located at the water, looking over the skyline of Rotterdam, serving you affordable homemade delicious food by local home chefs.

Noodlebar Soma
We invited queen of the homemade noodles Tess de Ruiter to prepare an Asian-inspired dinner you have never tasted before.
Team Roffa Mom Amour will be at the service.

Bellies full? Time to dive into one of our favorite Asian films.

Don’t miss out and reserve your spot!