Hiroshima Mon Amour

Throwback Thursday: pioneer of the French New Wave

Celebrating five years of Roffa Mon Amour couldn’t pass without showing Alain Resnais’ first feature film Hiroshima Mon Amour. The film, written by acclaimed novelist Marguerite Duras, tells the story of a French woman and a Japanese man who, both happily married, have a one-night romance in Hiroshima. It is a banal story that happens everywhere in the world, a thousand times a day. But in this city it is the one place where it’s hardest to imagine. It is Hiroshima, 1957, barely twelve years after the bombing.

Hiroshima Mon Amour changed the cinematic culture and became a pioneer of the French New Wave. With its mixture of reality and fantasy, documentary images and fictional flashbacks, Resnais created a non-linear fragmented storyline, formerly only known in literature, making the film a true love-child of a filmmaker and a novelist.

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Throwback Thursday

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