The Fits

Intrigued by the imposing dance moves tomboy Toni exchanges the boxing gym for a place in the professional dance team.

Soon the dancers become prey to mysterious fainting spells. Has this anything to do with Toni? Insecure and not able to really fit into the group she seems to be the only one not suffering from this perplexing ailment.

The Fits is a coming-of-age story set in the high school community of Cincinnati. The actors, amongst whom main actress Toni, are all professional athletes discovering the world of acting for the first time. It was also Anna Rose Holmers first time as a director. With her first film she shows the power and hysteria of collective experience.

The Fits is directed by Anne Rose Holmer who will be on a plane during our screenings. Therefore we will hold the Q&A with producer and co-writer Lisa Kjerulff.

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