Great films influence great people: Raoul de Jong

Films can have great impact on our lives and ideals. We asked some of our favorite people to tell us something about a film that influenced their live. This time we spoke with novelist Raoul de Jong.

Intervista (1987) by Federico Fellini

“Intervista is a film about how to make a film, but it actually thought me how to use magic.

It is very simple! Like, in your childhood, you would wear a batman costume, jump of a planter and pretend you were flying. You weren’t really flying, but you believed you were flying, so did it matter that in fact you weren’t? No it didn’t.

It is possible to fly, miracles do exist and impossible things become possible if you believe in them. That is what I learned from Intervista. And that is why I loved this film.”

Roffa Mon Amour - Great films influence great people: Raoul de Jong
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