Great films influence great people: Aafke Kloppenburg

Films can have great impact on our lives and ideals. We asked some of our favorite people to tell us something about a film that influenced their live. This time we spoke with musician Aafke Kloppenburg, who will perform on July 25th during the festival with her band Victim Victim.



‘My favorite film is Nói albino (2003) by Dagur Kári. It’s a film from Iceland about a 17 year old boy who desires to escape from a desolated village during winter. Icelandic winters can be very severe, as a citizen you feel isolated very easily. It reminds me of the moments when I visited the family of a friend of mine in Reykjavik during Christmas time.’
‘Nói is a typical antihero, he is a loner, not popular in school. In particular I can enjoy these films where the protagonist is a black sheep in society and thereby deviated from his surroundings.’

During Roffa Mon Amour Aafke will visit Catch me daddy.
‘The director has made some very cool videoclips and I wonder if you can recognize his stylistic elements’

Roffa Mon Amour - Great films influence great people: Aafke Kloppenburg
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