talks with new makers 2021

This year the pandemic did not allow us to invite New Makers film directors for the live Q&A sessions, but we like to think that it spurred us to be creative and ingenious. Because we did not want to give up on making you meet the New Makers, we recorded intriguing Q&A sessions with Dash Shaw from Cryptozoo, Ekwa Msangi from Farewell Amor, Mauricio Leiva-Cock from The Night of the Beast, ismaël from Black Medusa, and Hadas Ben Aroya from All Eyes Off Me.


Interview Hadas Ben Aroya, director of All Eyes Off Me

Interview Ekwa Msangi, director of Farewell Amor

Interview ismaël, director of Black Medusa

Interview Dash Shaw, director and Jane Samborski Embark, animation director of Cryptozoo

Interview Mauricio Leiva-Cock, director of The Night of The Beast

Interview Merawi Gerima, director of Residue