Open Air Film Festival


10th edition

August 2022


Somewhere on a rooftop? Hidden in an old classroom? Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Tokyo?
Pick a date and your favourite film. See you!

When and where does the festival take place?

The festival takes place in August for 12 days. The exact days will be revealed in May. The festival takes place in the open air in the sculpture garden of Brutus in Rotterdam West, Keilestraat 10.

When will the film program be revealed?

From June we start with announcing the films. There will be 12 films from different sections: The New Makers Competition, Cinematic Favorites and Cinema Concerts.


Do you need volunteers?

Yes we do! Welcome to join the team. Mail to:

What time does the film start?

The film starts when it’s dark outside. In August that’s between 22 (beginning of August) and 21 (end of August).