All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White


Babatunde Apalowo • 93' • Nigeria


Roffa Mon Amour + Brutus

Film: All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White (2023)

Director: Babatunde Apalowo

Date: Saturday, August 26

Doors open: 20:00

Program starts: 21:00

Location closes: 23:00

Location: Brutus, Keileweg 18, 3029 BS Rotterdam

English subtitles included

Regular ticket € 11,00 & various discounts


No refunds, we offer substituted screenings if we are forced to cancel the screening

Drinks, popcorn and sweets for sale at the location

About the film

Bambino has a regular life as a single man. He works as a delivery guy and is well-known and well-liked in his neighborhood. His life is shaken up / Something inside him awakens  when he meets the artsy Bawa with whom he shares a passion for photography. The two men start to hang out and wander together in the city of Lagos exploring different neighborhoods taking pictures for a competition. It soon becomes clear that Bambino is not just a model for Bawa, but that an intimate connection has been kindled.

All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White is a delicate film that discovers the reality of being in love in a society where homosexuality is persecuted. This taboo turns into Bambino’s internal conflict who has to fight between the morals he was raised with and his real desires. We witness the protagonists’ tumultuous emotional journey that results from the process of questioning their own identity. The excellent acting of the two main protagonists reveals how their love is hidden under tender glances, soft touches, piercing gazes, and unspoken words. 

All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White won the 2023 Berlin Film Festival’s Teddy Award for best LGBTQIA+ film at this year’s Berlinale. Babatunde Apalowo demonstrates himself to be a new talent of contemporary Nigerian cinema, bringing to the table uncomfortable topics for Nigerian society. “My hope is that this film will encourage empathy and understanding, and help to bring about positive change in our society.”

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