An Evening Full of Afro-Caribbean Healing

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Wednesday, November 8

Wereldmuseum, Willemskade 25, 3016 DM Rotterdam


Doors event open

Program starts

Film screening
La Última Ascensión

Artist Talk
Kevin Osepa & Vernon Chatlein

Tambú Music Performance

Drinks at the Ballroom

Other info
Film has English subtitles.
Drinks, popcorn and sweets for sale at the location.
Ticket gives acces to museum, film screening, talk and music performance.
No refunds.

As part of the Wereldmuseum’s exhibition Kruispunt about cultural dynamics, influences, and encounters in Rotterdam, Roffa Mon Amour and Wereldmuseum present a special evening with meaningful cinema, inspiring artist talks, and a mesmerizing live music performance.

Wereldmuseum is open until 19:30 for visitors before the program starts. 

Film Screening La Última Ascensión (2021) by Kevin Osepa
Rowin, a 22-year-old fisherman from Banda Abou (Curaçao), has little luck catching fish at his fishing spot. He goes there every day despite the disapproval of his mother. One day, on the coastline where he fishes daily, he encounters a mysterious young man who will change everything.

Film with English subtitles.


Artists’ Talk Kevin Osepa & Vernon Chatlein
Get to know Kevin Osepa and Vernon Chatlein during the artist talk led by Nychenda Fecunda. Kevin Osepa is the award winning director of La Última Ascensión (2021) and a visual artist. His works are displayed in the exhibition Kruispunt at Wereldmuseum. Vernon Chatlein is a musician, percussionist, and componist who unravels the secrets of traditional Curaçao music – Tambú – presenting it at contemporary stages.

Tambú Live Music Performance by Vernon Chatlein and Grupo Kimina

Tambú embodies Curaçao culture. It’s more than just an iconic music style. It contains dance, singing, and life spirit. Created ages ago by enslaved people, it has remained relevant and present ever since amongst the people from Curaçao. Vernon Chatlein studies the rich history of Tambú. Grupo Kimina is his newest music project, which he will present on stage in the ballroom of the Wereldmuseum.

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