Black Medusa


ismaël, Youssef Chebbi • 96 min • Tunisia

Location: AVL Mundo

Doors open from 20:00, film starts at 21:45

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Nada refuses to speak, making her the ideal listener of the endless stories told by the men she takes home at night. While being quiet during her day job at a video content studio in present-day Tunis, she turns into a rapist and serial killer after sunset. Picking up drunk men from the nightclubs and bars that the capital of Tunisia is full of, she starts a cycle of violence, thirstier for more. 

Black Medusa tells a story of violence, power structures, and trauma, infused with Greek mythology. Shot in hypnotic black & white photography and accompanied by an impressive electronic sound design, we follow the enigmatic Nada on her way to violate. But what is it she is taking revenge on? And why isn’t she speaking any longer?

With Black Medusa – the first feature film by Youssef Chebbi and ismaël – the filmmakers show us it’s time for female leading roles, with all their fierceness, horrors, and badassness. Nominated for the IFFR Tiger Award 2021 and back in Rotterdam this summer!

English subtitles



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