Spike Lee • 135 minutes • Maaskantine

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Location: Maaskantine.

Outdoor sun bed cinema underneath the stars in the sand.

Address: Plantagelaan 2

Regular ticket € 11,00

No refunds, we offer substituted screenings if we are forced to cancel the screening


Based on a true story, “BlacKkKlansman” follows a real account of the first black police officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department. The environment he is faced with in the records room is hostile – in spite of the outward acceptance, his coworkers are not afraid to hurl racial slurs and display a clear message: he’s not welcome. In spite of it all, Ron is determined to prove himself, requesting a change to working undercover. Now, his job is to infiltrate and expose the wicked Ku Klux Klan. Will he manage to succeed in this dangerous endeavor?

In his movie, Spike Lee reminds the viewers that history always repeats itself. An amazing, enchanting script and a brilliant acting game from the cast is only enhanced by the writers’ ability to shift from quirky comedic moments to dark and intense exploration of topical themes like racism and prejudice.


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