Roffa Mon Amour + Oase + Keti Koti

Film: Buladó (2020)

Director: Eché Janga

Subtitles: English

Date: Friday, July 14

Doors open: 19:45

Start walk: 20:00

Start film: 22:15

End film: 00:00


Location: OASE, Schiehaven 15, 3024 EC Rotterdam

Drinks, popcorn and sweets for sale at the location

Buladó (2020)

Eché Janga • 83' • Oase

Tickets for the walk are sold out. Tickets for the film screening are still available.

About the collaboration 

Roffa Mon Amour, OASE, Keti Koti and SurinameOso present an evening in the context of our slavery past. This evening is dedicated to knowing your family history, not only your own but also others. 

Before the film screening, we will walk through historic Delfshaven. The Tour takes us to past Colonial Monuments in the Netherlands from the perspective of Surinamese History, Heroes, and Experiences. Led by a guide of Surinamese descent, we hear and discover more about the past and present of Suriname and the shared Colonial past with the Netherlands. 

Later, when it is dark outside, the film Buladó brings us into the lives of three generations (grandfather, father, daughter) who live together in Curaçao.

Please note, the walk is in Dutch

About the movie 

Buladó (2020) – Eché Janga 

At the islands of Curaçao, Band’abou, the eleven-year-old Kenza lives with her father Ouira, and her grandfather Weljo at a car scrap yard. Kenza grows up without a mother, who died young, and, from being a child, puberty hits suddenly. Her journey comes with life questions, and Kenza has her father and grandfather as opposite role models. Ouria is a bold police officer and Weljo is a man of emotion who likes to engage in spirituality. Kenza is located between the two worlds of her rational father and her mystical grandfather and discovers that she must determine her own way. 

Buladó, which means taking off in Papiamentu, symbolizes the changeability of life. The identity formation of Kenza and the spirituality that always moves alongside the tangible and the road between life and death.

Buladó was the opening film of the Netherlands Film Festival in 2020 and won the Golden Calf for best film. It is the second feature film by Eché Janga who has a Curaçao father and a Dutch mother. The film has been largely spoken in Papiamentu and it is a personal work by the director. The story is a corruption of an old saga about enslaved people who wanted to flee. Janga’s uncle told him this story that is about freedom for Janga.

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