Cat Soup


Tatsuo Satō • 34 minutes • Japan

Cat Soup (2001)
Tatsuo Satō
34min., Japan

Friday 27-07
Drijvend Paviljoen


Cinema Concerts with Oceanic and Das Ding: The Dream and The Nightmare. Two generations of electronic music producers perform a live show for two completely contrasting films: a visual poem about Rotterdam and psychedelic dark anime.

Das Ding scores Cat Soup (2001) by Tatsuo Sato

Rotterdam based Electro Pioneer Das Ding (Danny Bosten) performs a new live score for the psychedelic animation short Cat Soup. After a fatal accident two kitty siblings, Nyaako & Nyaata, get on a spiritual journey to get back Nyaata’s soul. Cat Soup is a very rare, experimental and dark anime. It’s beyond outrageous.

Das Ding is a unique and independent artist. Starting off with his cassette label ‘Tear Apart Tapes’ in the 80’s he’s been playing, designing and producing electronic music since with a great variety of hardware, synthesizers, sequencers, drummachines.

The concert is made possible by Popunie.