Catch Me Daddy

Daniel Wolfe • 111 mins • England

Ever since Pakistani girl Laila fell in love with white drifter boy Aaron she has been hiding for her family in a remote trailer camp. When her brothers and a handful of thugs hired by her father arrive in the neighboring town, all she can do is run for her life.

Daniel Wolfe started of his career of when he travelled to Vietnam and got a job working on Anthony Minghella’s production of The Quite American. He signed up with renowned production company Partizan and started making video clips. When ‘Time to Dance’ came out, a video clip for The Shoes starring Jake Gyllenhaal, he established himself as one of the most talented music video directors.

The fact that Daniel Wolfe was already a cool music video director might be one of the reasons Catch me Daddy has been picked up by quite a lot of ‘cool magazines’. But it is well deserved. The film is a cinematographic delight. The haunting grey landscapes of Yorkshire combined with bubblegum pink details bring even to a severe story about honor crimes and destructive behavior an enhancing, poetic touch. And let’s not forget the ambient score and incredible tracks including Patti Smith, Horses in one of the most beautiful scenes.
Amateur actress Sameena Jabeen Ahmed was the surprise of the year. The former sport coach was awarded Most Promising Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards.