Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee) • 105 minutes • India

Garbage (2018)
(Q) Qaushiq Mukherjee
105min., India

Wednesday 25-07
Drijvend Paviljoen

“The darkest side of India”

A young, seemingly mute woman is kept as a slave in chains in the dark home of taxi driver Panishwar (Tanmay Dhanania). Panishwar is a fervent follower of an ultra right wing guru ‘Baba’ (Satchit Puranik) who he adores and whose ideals he aggressively defends on all types of social networks.

One day he meets Rami (Trimala Adhikari), a young med student who is a victim of revenge porn that went viral on Internet and who had to go underground in the large villa of a friend in Goa. Panishwar becomes her driver while secretly stalking her online…

Considered as one of the most extreme Indian directors, Q (Quashiq Mukherjee) has already broken every taboo with his former angry, dreamy, sexually violent films. Revenge film Garbage won’t disappoint. Yet, besides being provocative, the film is underlining important Indian and international issues such as the power of social media, privacy scandals, female empowerment, the deconstruction of masculinity and the upcoming religious military right wing.

If there is one film that belongs in a festival with the tagline ‘your most outrageous, eccentric cinema’ it is the work of Director Q. Love it or hate it: we promise you a life changing experience and fascinating dinner conversations.