Andrew Niccol • 106 min • USA


Location: AVL Mundo

Doors open from 20:00, film starts at 21:45

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Welcome to the world of Gattaca, where DNA profiling is the holy grail. Where natural-born humans serve as subordinate laborers for the genetically exquisite engineered citizens who came to life with DNA perfection engineering. Vincent (Ethan Hawke) was born the natural way and now has low life expectations. Registered as an ‘Invalid’ he has no chance to fulfill his big ambitions. Not willing to give up his dreams, he starts an illegal identity swap with Jerom (Jude Law), who has perfect DNA but is in a wheelchair and unable to perform how he’s supposed to. They have to be very careful because even a single eyelash can betray their fraud in the sterile offices of Gattaca, and Irene (Uma Thurman) senses something is going on…

With nowadays online ratings, social media checks, and Google reviews, how far away are we from Gattaca? Andrew Niccol’s thinking experiment was in his time ahead when it comes to human manufacturing. Filmed in style at an architectural gem and performed by an excellent cast, this Cinematic Favourite will be relevant forever.

Andrew Niccols (who also wrote the screenplay for The Truman Show) debut film left a mark in science fiction cinema. Underrated at its release, has become a cult. It’s intelligent, stylish, and science fiction at its best.

This evening is in collaboration with Fake Me Hard, an amazing expo on Big Data and Fake News taking place at AVL Mundo from June 30 until August 15.

English spoken, Dutch subtitles



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