Mike Leigh • 118 minutes • United Kingdom

Happy-Go-Lucky (2008)
Mike Leigh
118 minutes, United Kingdom

English spoken
Dutch subtitles

Saturday, 01-06
STROOM Rotterdam

STROOM Rotterdam and Roffa Mon Amour present bittersweet metropole cinema about two beautiful women: Frances Ha in New York and Poppy in London.

The colourful life of British optimist Poppy feels a bit unreal. Does it really exist? Someone who doesn’t get mad when her bike is stolen. Someone so grateful for life, her job at the elementary school, her love for all the people. Someone who’s dancing, cycling and trampoline jumping her life through London, ignoring expectations from society. No children, no house and not even close to a long term relationship. In Happy-Go-Lucky it is real because of the great performance by Sally Hawkins and the hilarious script that is expressed in a very delicate way.

The rooftop is open from 20:00. There is a BBQ with hamburgers and a rooftop bar with GT’s from Bobbies, wine and Warsteiner. The hamburgers are served between 20:30 and 21:30. Sunset is around 21:30 and when it’s completely dark outside around 22:15 we will start the film. You can only pay by credit/debit card.

Bring warm clothes as it can get cold on the rooftop. We have a limited amount of poncho’s if it starts raining. If you have one yourself, it is advised to bring one because an umbrella is not so useful. The Rooftop Screening is an all weather event, we provide blankets and ponchos as much as possible. Only when safety is not guaranteed we have to cancel the event. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds.

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