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Humanist Vampire too Sensitive to Kill (2023)

Ariane Louis-Seize • 92' • Canada

Before the film starts, join us for Sofie Cuit’s Bloody Dinner. Read more here.

If teenagers typically rebel against their parents, what might a vampire rebel against? Sasha, an adolescent vampire, is too sensitive to bite someone’s neck and suck their blood. Her parents, fed up with her drinking blood from a straw like it’s a Capri-Sun juice box, insist it’s time for her to start hunting. In response, Sasha decides to find a willing victim and meets Paul, a suicidal secondary school student. Paul is willing to give his life to Sasha, but on one condition: Paul must first take revenge on all the people who made his life unbearable.

If you are a fan of the Adams family, you are going to love this film. Decaying buildings, a gloomy atmosphere, and the use of a dark 1970s color palette will transport you to the anachronistic world of vampires. The gothic fashion, featuring lace, velvet, and leather, complemented by pale complexions and dark makeup, suggests that vampires struggle to keep up with fast-paced human trends.

Winner of many awards including the 2023 GdA Director’s Award at the Venice Film Festival, Humanist Vampire too Sensitive to Kill is a delightful horror rom-com that charms more than it chills; proving too adorable to frighten you truly.

Dress code for the night: Hot in Goth


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