I Swear I’ll Leave this Town

Daniel Aragão • 90 mins • Brazil

Released from rehab, Joli has one wish: to find love and lead a simple life. Her father has other plans for her. As he’s running in an election he uses her to try and show his support for the huge drug problem in Recife. Vulnerable Joli tries to live up to expectations, but slowly heads towards madness.

Daniel Aragão is from Recife, Brazil. Besides being a filmmaker, he’s an avid record collector of ‘everything that is good’. He knows where to find vinyl in every city he visits. In 2012 he debuted with Boa Sort Me Amor in Locarno. I Swear I’ll Leave this Town is his second feature film. The film premiered at Rio Film Festival where Bianca Joy Porte won the Best Actress Award.

Daniel likes to work with strong female characters as he himself loves to watch strong women on the screen. He gets his great inspiration out of a 70’s beauty such as Natasja Kinski and out of the dominant female characters Italian directors are known for creating. Beautiful, sensual and vulnerable Joli is one of those women we tend to feel attracted to and care about. Even if she completely loses herself into madness, in a city that seems as destructive as she is.