Jessica Forever (2018)
Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel
97 minutes, France

French spoken
English subtitles

Thursday, 18-07
Drijvend Paviljoen

Directors are present for Q&A.

Jessica Forever (2018)

Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel • 97 minutes • Drijvend Paviljoen

“In an apocalyptic world a Lara Croft-like mother-figure takes care of a group of outlaw orphan boys who are on the run from murderous drones.”

Jessica (Aomi Muyock), a young tough woman with illuminating blue eyes, leads a group of orphan teenage boys with a violent past. She serves as their surrogate mother, offers them the affection and peace they had always lacked. Together they form an army against an aggressive fleet of drones whose mission it is to track them down and kill.
Constantly hunt by the drones they move in a universal landscape of empty grey bungalows and green grass fields in search for safety and harmony.
Jessica Forever is a film like we have never seen before. A mixture of sci-fi, horror and yet a metaphor for what our society at times can look like: a place where people are not welcome and are hunted down like animals.