Le Crépuscule & RE/CONSTRUCT

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Friday, April 26

Theater Rotterdam


19:00  films start at the lobby

This is a free event.

*This screening is a free event, you can watch it by entering the lobby of Theater Rotterdam.

Films are with English subtitles.*


About the event

On Friday 26 April, Roffa Mon Amour presents two shorts at Theatre Rotterdam alongside the theatre play HEAT by Davy Pieters: Le Crépuscule (2023) by Laura Vandewynckel and RE/CONSTRUCT (2022) by Eline Schellekens.

The screening starts at 19:00 in the lobby before the play starts. You can also watch after the play.

Just as in the play, the films portray collective movements and intergenerational dynamics. Join us in the lobby of Theater Rotterdam for the shorts!

About the film: Le Crépuscule (2023) 

On a vibrant square, the crowd absorbs the sun as if it is the last… Le Crépuscule (2023) is a 3D animated short film directed by Laura Vandewynckel.

It is a tale of hope and sheds a humorous yet critical light on the effect of nightmare news on our minds. In the dark about the truth and blinded by our desire to belong, we go with the flow, even if the flow ends in the abyss. 

About the film:  RE/CONSTRUCT (2022)

How can you reconstruct the day you were born? RE/CONSTRUCT (2022) is Eline Schellekens’ graduation film, which premiered at the Nederland Film Festival 2022.

In this short film, Eline tries to gain a little grip on the day she was born. She connects the news of that time to her own life in a number of fragmentary scenes.

About the event: HEAT

In HEAT, Davy Pieters shows the complexity of intergenerational family dynamics. Relationships are under tension, and deeply rooted behavior becomes visible. Memories and associations push themselves to the surface.

This performance takes place in the large hall and is supported by a large choir, which expresses the heat in a setting of monumental dimensions and creates a sea of ​​sound.