Legowelt Scores Ambient Trip Commander


Danny Wolfers • 70 minutes • Het Podium


€ 20,00
Doors open 21:00
Start show 22:15
End show: 23:25

Limited seats available for this once in a lifetime AV-show

Legowelt Scores Ambient Trip Commander

We almost still can’t believe it. Our electronic music hero Legowelt will perform the live score along with his animation film Ambient Trip Commander.  Because of this special occasion, we offer you the best location we can think of: the pink rooftop stage Het Podium. 


Ambient Trip Commander tells the story of Samantha Tapfersten, a geeky young woman leading a pretty boring life in a medium-sized European city. She works at a synthesizer shop and spends her lonely nights playing RPGs. One day she receives a cryptic email from a hacker group who invites her to Lonetal, a remote village somewhere deep in the Alps. On her way there, things become increasingly sinister and she uncovers a huge mystery.


Ambient Trip Commander is the first feature animation film made by Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt. The animation, in which Wolfers’ paintings come to life, is hand drawn, frame-by-frame, using vibrant watercolors and is the achievement of a laborious process that took 18 months to accomplish.

With a running time of 70 minutes, Ambient Trip Commander presents a full original soundtrack made by Wolfers himself, which he will perform live during screenings and which features improvisation on a synthesizer. Ambient Trip Commander offers a profound and visually stimulating voyage into Wolfers’ intriguing – and at times, uncanny – fictive world through animation and sound.

This program is a collaboration with Operator and Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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