Les garçons sauvages


Bertrand Mandico • 110 minutes • France

Les garçons sauvages (2017)
Bertrand Mandico
110 min., France

Saturday 28-07
Drijvend Paviljoen

“Wilde Bourgeoisie French boys on a retraite”

At the beginning of the 20th century, five schoolboys of good families, enchanted with the occult, commit a savage, sexual crime. As punishment the group is sent on a repressive cruise led by a violent Dutch Captain who has a track record for taming wild boys. He brings them to an island lush with hallucinating, erotic, supernatural vegetation – a paradise for hedonists such as them. But while feasting on the islands phallic fruits the boys slowly start transforming…

After a dozen of award winning shorts Les garçons sauvages is Bertrand Mandico’s first feature film. Using an all-female cast in the roles of teenage boys, the director, who also wrote the script, immediately raises the question of the enforced limitations on genders. Playing with gender roles in highly stylist almost artificial sets guided by poetical dialogues we consider films such as Les garçons sauvages a wonderful new trend in French cinema (Yann Gonzalez – Les rencontres d’après minuit!) where its directors take you into a their bewitchingly wondrous inner world where sexual identity does not have a meaning.

Wild, sensual, exciting and strange is Les garçons sauvages: a work that grabs your attention, tricks your perceptions and changes them forever.