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Brutus, Keileweg 18, 3029 BS Rotterdam

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Levante (2023)

Lillah Halla • 92' • Brazil

Sofia, a 17-year-old volleyball prodigy from São Paulo, navigates the typical teenage experiences of partying, hanging out with friends, and navigating first loves. There is just one tiny inconvenience in her life: She’s pregnant. In a country where abortion is illegal, her path to abortion becomes an uphill battle that escalates when she becomes the target of right-wing activists who try to dissuade her from getting an abortion. But supporting her at every step is Sofia’s team, a non-binary and female-identifying group, including her new crush Bel.

Sofia’s friends are stylish. They express themselves through their colorful clothes, interesting choices in face makeup, and unconventional hair. But what makes them cooler is how they stick together against a system built to repress them. This is what makes Levante a tribute to the bond of friendship and the power of feminism. It celebrates the courage and strength that Sofia and her teammates discover within themselves as they navigate a system that seeks to control their choices.

Levante is the debut feature by Brazilian filmmaker Lillah Halla, which premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. In a world where more and more right-wing governments are taking over women and LGBTQIA+ rights, this film is a huge political symbol.


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