Me and You and Everyone We Know


Miranda July • 91 min • USA

Location: AVL Mundo

Doors open from 20:00, film starts at 21:45

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When quirky video artist Christine is on duty for Elder Cab her favorite senior client tells her he needs new shoes. At the local shoe store, she falls for the a-typical salesman Richard who’s life is a bit of a mess: his wife just left him and he can’t relate to his two sons.
The youngest (6) – the most adorable kid seen on-screen – watches and learns his brother’s skills in sex chatrooms. The oldest (14) – full of teenage carelessness – is seduced by two high school girls who want to explore oral sex after Richards colleague starts writing sexual signs on the outside of his house they daily pass. Besides Richard, Christine is also into Nancy, the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art. After sending innumerable demos of her videos one day Nancy finally responds.

Me and You and Everyone We Know is full of stories: everyday stories with a fictive cinematic twist that gives the film a magical touch. Among the many interconnected characters, a scale of awkward loneliness, fragile intimacy, and yearning for affection is under exploration.

Multi-artist Miranda July who plays the protagonist herself was very keen on her script which resulted in epic quotes like “Back and Fourth” and gave the word ‘Macaroni’ so many layers. Me and You and Everyone We Know was July’s debut film and it won the Camera D’or at Cannes. In 2021 you might have seen her last feature film Kajillionaire.

English spoken

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