Jonah Hill • 85 minutes • Maaskantine

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Location: Maaskantine.

Outdoor sun bed cinema underneath the stars in the sand.

Address: Plantagelaan 2

Regular ticket € 11,00

No refunds, we offer substituted screenings if we are forced to cancel the screening


Stevie is a sweet innocent 13-year-old boy that lives in Los Angeles with his mum and his abusive brother Ian. He chases Steve through the house with a Bill Clinton mask to beat him up while their mother doesn’t notice something is off between the two. The teenager escapes his toxic household by starting to hang out with a group of older skaters that introduce him to a wild party life made of drugs, alcohol, and sex. Will young Stevie be okay? 

The boys are absorbed in the aesthetic of skateboarding culture: reckless, anesthetized, and savage. They spend most of their time arguing with the police, making fun of each other, and skating. The sound of the rolling wheels of the skate that hit the streets is accompanied by iconic 90s bands such as Pixies, Morrissey, and Nirvana.

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