Mur Murs


Agnès Varda • 85 min • France

Location: Brutus.

Address: Keileweg 10-14, 3029 BS Rotterdam

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Giant bright imaginary still lifes appear at large square buildings at the outskirts of Los Angeles, far away from glamorous Hollywood. Walls with flying fish, astronauts in the Californian desert and skeletons with drug nozzles. In the 70s the Los Angeles murals display more than your imagination could come up with in a lifetime and expose more than you can experience.

The walls of a Mexican Bakery and black community centers tell the story of the city and its people. Painted by minority-communities, people of color, artists whose work is not recognized by established art institutions. The paintings represent the things in life they are fighting for – social osuppression, the violence, the police – and their pride: a beloved wife, children playing, descendants of the Aztecs in bright colors.

In the late 70s Agnès Varda, queen of the French Nouvelle Vague, was amazed by the murals in Los Angeles where she resided for personal and creative development after her divorce. Instead of socializing with upper class Hollywood, she was determined to uncover the amazing people behind the murals, who were mostly anonymous. She left a document to immortalize the works and the people. We’re thankful as we’ve This film has the power torarely been so genuinely touch the viewer.ed by the moving image. 

The sculpture garden with its gigantic artworks is the perfect decor to screen this gem of a documentary. We can’t think of a better place than artist driven playground Brutus for a film about an artist driven communitycity.

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