All Eyes Off Me


Hadas Ben Aroya • 88 min • Israel

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Location: AVL Mundo

Doors open from 20:00, films starts at 21:45


While everyone is dancing, making out, and drinking at a crowded house party, Danny, with her face covered by bright glitters, is looking for Max to tell him that she is pregnant with his child. But Max has other things on his mind. He’s totally into his new fling Avishag, who is down for masochistic sexual games to, at least, feel something. Left with bruised cheeks, Avishag escapes to the much older Dror – whose dog she takes care of and to whom she is also strangely attracted. 

All Eyes Off Me portrays the young, wild, and free in passionate sex scenes and outgoing social gatherings. But the narrative dives deeper into this universal millennial seen-it-all-before reality, looking behind the facade of big egos and small talk. Also, the chemistry between the main characters Avishag and Max feels anything but fake. The two actors met and fell in love just before filming. 

All Eyes Off Me centers around the question of what intimacy means. Director Hadas Ben Aroya answers it by narrating realistically and tenderly the struggle of being intimate and showing the difficulty of being fragile in front of others. All Eyes Off Me is a daring and unlike-other portrayal of a generation, recognizing the struggles and traumas that some millennials experience. Premiered at Berlinale 2021. 

English subtitles

Dutch premiere 


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