Wednesday, August 14

Brutus, Keileweg 10-18, 3029 BS Rotterdam

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Opening Night 2024

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Roffa Mon Amour 2024: Enchanting as a moonlit night

If there’s one constant companion to every Roffa Mon Amour night, it’s the moon. Sometimes in its full shape bright and shining, other times a shy and pale celestial body veiled by clouds, it faithfully accompanies our cinematic nights. Like films, the moon goes through several phases and constantly changes its appearance. Just like the Roffa Mon Amour program, the moon takes several shapes and varies every night. Mysterious and nostalgic at times, full of energy and vibrance at others, or oscillate between being a friendly presence and an austere figure.

This is why, also this year, we couldn’t resist the iconic moon as the main protagonist of the 2024 festival campaign. Designed by the creative and funky Glitter Studio, the moon embodies the essence of the 12th edition of Roffa Mon Amour. So get ready for the upcoming festival edition and expect side programs, cinema concerts, panel talks, and memorable nights all under the enchanting glow of the moon. Get ready to bask in its light as you enjoy a moon tan during this edition of Roffa Mon Amour.

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