Monday, Aug 19

Brutus, Keileweg 10-18, 3029 BS Rotterdam


Doors open: 20.00

Conversation between Shariff Nasr and Ingrid Rollema (Hope Foundation): 20.50

Short film (“The Battle of Empty Stomachs by Diana Al-Halabi) starts: 21.10

Film (Voyage à Gaza) starts: 21.30

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An Evening Dedicated to Palestine: Voyage à Gaza (2024)

Piero Usberti • 67' • Italy

Solidarity with Palestine: a special screening event by Roffa Mon Amour

At Roffa Mon Amour, we stand in solidarity with Palestine. We are deeply concerned about the ongoing genocide being committed against the Palestinian people. The systematic oppression and violence they face is unacceptable, and it is crucial that we raise awareness and advocate for justice and peace.

Join us for a special screening event that sheds light on the harsh realities faced by Palestinians every day. The event will feature the powerful film Voyage à Gaza.

We will witness a meaningful conversation on stage between Shariff Nasr and Ingrid Rollema from HOPE foundation. From different perspectives they will share what it’s like for the youth to grow up in Palestine with almost no prospects. Ingrid is cofounder of HOPE Foundation, an organization that offers playful lessons in the fields of art and culture with the aim to support children to build a meaningful life for themselves. HOPE has an academy for visual arts, a breakdance academy, an open studio and a multimedia lab. Shariff has made a documentary Little stars of Bethlehem about 8 Palestinian kids traveling to the Netherlands to perform at the Cello Biennale. He also has family in the West Bank. This dialogue aims to deepen our understanding of the personal and collective struggles of Palestinians.

Before Voyage à Gaza, we will screen the daring short film The Battle of Empty Stomachs’ by Diana Al-Halabi. This film researches harrowing hunger strikes undertaken by Palestinian prisoners. It is a reminder of the lengths to which Palestinians must go to fight for their basic human rights.

Amnesty International will be present with a stand providing information about the ongoing genocide in Palestine and the historical context of the region. They will also organize a petition for a ceasefire, giving attendees the opportunity to take direct action in support of peace.

We believe that through film and dialogue, we can foster greater empathy and understanding of the Palestinian plight. This event is not only about raising awareness but also about mobilizing support and action for those who need it most. We invite you to join us in standing with Palestine. Roffa Mon Amour is committed to using art and culture as a means to address social issues and promote human rights. We hope to see you at this important event.

We will donate the evening’s popcorn proceeds to Plant een Olijfboom, an organization that supports Palestinian resistance against land confiscation by planting olive trees.

About Voyage à Gaza
In the spring of 2018, Piero spent three months traveling through Gaza. He met young Palestinians of his age, experiencing their warmth, lives, and hopes. Alongside these connections, he also witnessed the harsh reality of life under Israeli repression and violence. Unlike many media reports, his film focuses on unique young individuals: Sara, an aid worker; Mohanad, a dedicated communist; and Jumana, aspiring to be a lawyer. 

Piero Usberti’s first feature documentary makes no claim of neutrality. His point of view remains that of a foreigner who transformed his distance from the situation into a poignant truth. The incredibly moving yet direct and alienating narration highlights the violence against Palestinians and their loss of rights, while also showcasing their universal dreams and desires. The film also lays out the foundations of life in Gaza. The Naqba, The state of constant siege and injustice, the lack of opportunities and electricity, and the instrumentalization of terrorism to subjugate an entire population. What emerges with utmost clarity is an undeniable truth, one that is currently still overlooked: the respect due to every human life.

We discovered Voyage à Gaza at Cinéma du réel – Festival International du Film Documentaire in Paris in the winter of 2024, where the film won the Special mention of the Cnap Award for French Film. Many emotions have crossed our bodies and souls since October 2023; the astonishment, the confusion, the rage, the powerlessness, the loss of hope in our collective humanity. After watching Voyage à Gaza, suddenly, everything made more sense. We are honored and thrilled to present you with the Dutch premiere of the film during the 2024 edition of Roffa mon Amour Film Festival.


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