Roffa Mon Amour + Susan Bijl present a special film event along the new collection Insight

Date: Friday March 17

Location: Gaea Studio, Oostzeedijk 108, Rotterdam

Tickets: € 10,00

Drinks, popcorn and sweet for sale at the location

Doors open: 19:30

Start film: 20:30

End film: 22:30

Come early and enjoy a free welcome drink

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

Céline Sciamma • 120 min • Gaea Studio

This year we shook hands with your favorite and most colorful innovative and sustainable product designer Susan Bijl for a series of film screenings. We invite you to join the first film event of Roffa Mon Amour + Susan Bijl on March 17. Along with the launch of Susan Bijls new reflective collection Insight we screen Portrait of a Lady on Fire by Céline Sciamma.

About the film
Marianne, a professional painter, is sent to the French coast where Héloïse, a young aristocratic lady, resides in solitude not willing to let anyone come close. Not even to think of, let someone paint her. Therefore Marianne is instructed to act as if she came to keep Héloïse company.

During coastline walks she carefully observes the appearance of Héloïse, who is still stubborn, sad and suffering. It must be the fresh sea breeze, the secluded lifestyle and moments of eye contact that opened up Héloïse to start trusting Marianne which paved the way for a deep and strong connection between the two women.  

To us, Portrait of a Lady on Fire is Insight.

A film that depicts the beauty and complexity of human encounters.
A film that digs deep into your emotions and conscience.
A film that relates to universal, timeless, and true love stories.
A film which is one of the most beautiful films made in 2019. 

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