Rebels of the Neon God


Tsai Ming-liang • 106 min • Taiwan


Location: AVL Mundo

Doors open from 20:00, film starts at 21:45

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Fed up with listening to his parents and dealing with the school’s expectations, Hsiao Kang secretly resents his school taking the refund offered. He rather spies on Ah Tze, one of the petty thieves duo who makes a living out of stolen telephone cell coins and arcade equipment. They linger from crowded market halls to shady motel rooms ignoring their dilapidated flooded apartments. Ah Kuei, a counter girl at the indoor skate club, often joins the duo for late-night dinners. Though overloaded with hopelessness, Taipei neon lights, 90s fashion, and late-night city life give the film a magical touch, as romantic melancholy at its best.  

Embrace this 90s masterpiece on Taipei metropole pop culture, arcade hall trips, youth boredom, motor rides, and revenge games. Praise Tsai Ming-Liang for his visual intelligence and delicate storytelling. Join us on symbolism hunting and connecting the dots between the intertwined relationships. The epic recurring electronic soundtrack will guide you. 

Rebels of the Neon God, Tsai Ming Liang’s first feature, won several awards in 1993 and was re-released in 2015. This work is considered his most accessible one, compared to his later works like Vive l’Amour, Goodbye Dragon Inn, and The River. Today he is known as the most celebrated Second New Wave film director of Taiwanese cinema, offering cinematic meditative experiences with his visual poetry. 

Please note: Dutch subtitles


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