Bar Bahar


Maysaloun Hamoud • 106 minutes • Paviljoen aan het Water


Film ticket: € 7,50
Film & food: € 18,50

Dinner from 19:30
Film starts at 22:00

Paviljoen aan het Water, Brielselaan 157, Rotterdam.

Besties and roomies Laila and Salma drink most of their friends under the table. Laila is a fierce attorney, chain smoker, megaflirt and part-time raver. Salma is queer, DJ and reluctantly working extra hours in a restaurant. They live a ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ lifestyle –  wild at times but also painful. The reason? They belong to a marginalized group of Palestinian women in Tel Aviv. 

The unexpected arrival of the more traditional Nour who’s devoted to finishing her computer science studies and becoming a bride according to Muslim standards seems to disrupt the two. 

Three completely different personalities who share the same values: being women with ambitions in a place where it’s not always appreciated. 

In Tel Aviv these women really exist, we just never heard from them until Maysaloun Hamoud directed Bar Bahar and gave them a voice through the characters of Laila, Salma, and Nour. Suppression is out on the street on a daily base and so is their strength to fight and not give up. 

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