Roffa Mon Amour’s Opening Night 2023: The Face of the Jellyfish


Melisa Liebenthal • 75' • Argentina


Roffa Mon Amour + Brutus

Film: The Face of the Jellyfish (2022)

Director: Melisa Liebenthal

Date: Wednesday, August 16

Doors open: 20:00

Doors close: 23:00

Location: Brutus,  Keileweg 18, 3029 BS Rotterdam

English subtitles included

Regular ticket: € 15,00


No refunds, we offer substituted screenings if we are forced to cancel the screening

One free drink!

Drinks, popcorn and sweets for sale at the location

Opening Night theme: Release the Be(a)st

On Wednesday, August 16 we’re going to kick off the 11th edition of Roffa Mon Amour. We are going to screen a film in Roffa Mon Amour style and get you a free drink, so you just have to think about your be(a)st(y) outfit for the night!

Personality is such a layered concept. There are many facets that co-exist and even clash within us. Some of them pop up in our daily life, while others remain more hidden and secretive. But we believe that each of us has a wild, daring, and powerful side that too often doesn’t show up. Therefore, imagine you can be whoever you want for one night and wear the most audacious version of yourself. Put on that dress that always looks “too much”, a sparkling makeup that you would not wear at the office, and get in touch with the unleashed side of yourself.

Have a look at some of last year’s looks to get inspired:

Dutch Premiere 

About the film 

One day Marina wakes up with a different face. When she visits the seventh doctor who starts a regular physical examination she loses her temper. “My face has changed, what do my temperature and heartbeat have to do with it?!” Isolated in her bedroom Marina explores her new face with disgust. She pulls and pushes her skin searching for a resemblance with the face she was born with. While hiding from her boyfriend and colleagues she loses herself in photo albums and profile photos on social media. 

To what extent do our facial characteristics determine who we are? The Face of the Jellyfish explores the concept of the face and the way people rely on facial recognition amongst humans, and how humans extend this to animals. Under Marina’s story, another deeper principle lies within the film: our identities (based on our facial features) are under constant surveillance through artificial intelligence and systems of big data which reduce our identities to the positioning of dots on computer screens. With the simple premise of a surreal metamorphose, The Face of the Jellyfish playfully and comically invites deeper thinking about our privacy and individuality. 

The Face of the Jellyfish is the first fiction feature by Argentinian director Melisa Liebenthal. The film premiered at the Berlinale 2023 in the Forum section and is praised for its strong philosophical framework within a simple comic story. Cinema that portrays social issues through art is what we love and therefore we selected it as our Opening Film.

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