Alantė Kavaïtė • 88 mins • Lithuania

The introverted teenager Sangailé is fascinated by stunt planes and crippled by a fear of heights. At an aeronautical show she meets Auste who unlike her, lives her life to the fullest. As the girls grow closer, Sangailé allows Auste to discover her secrets and finds in her the only person who encourages her to fly.

Art-loving Alanté Kavaiïté is from Lithuania but has been living in France for twenty-three years. She debuted with the film Ecoute Les Tempes in 2006. The Summer of Sangailé, her second feature film, won the Best Director Award at Sundance last year.

For her second feature Alanté went back to Lithuania. The Summer of Sangailé is a film about teenager sensations and making a film about the emotional world required her homecountry. Stunt planes, by the way, are part of a tradition in Lithuania. Not only Sangailé is fascinated, the whole country is obsessed with everything that flies.

Since The Summer of Sangailé tells the story of two young women falling in love with each other we could say the film is this years gay film, accept that we don’t like to frame films too much. Just watch Sangailé and feel the love and nostalgia reminding you of those teenage years.