Scarlet Diva


Asia Argento • 91 min. • Italy

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“In 1997, I was raped by Harvey Weinstein here at Cannes. I was 21 years old. This festival was his hunting ground” 


It was May 2018 and Asia Argento dropped a bomb of a speech in Cannes that stunned the crowd and had them burst into loud applause. She predicted Weinstien would never be welcome at Cannes anymore and became one of the standard bearers of the #metoo movement.
She later explained how the attempted rape scene in her film Scarlet Diva was based on her incident with Weinstien. Time to revisit the film who thought. 


In Scarlet Diva we follow the young, wild actress Anna Battista – played by Argento herself – looking for a more fulfilling role to play than other people’s characters. She wants to become a director! Lived by her fame, lonely and always high she travels from America to Europe and back to The States again. Fucking, drinking, smoking and shocking. One thing is sure: this grungy colourful trip of a film is fearless and tt has guts and authenticity you rarely see.

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