Sexy Beast


Jonathan Glazer • 89 minutes • Maaskantine

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Location: Maaskantine.

Outdoor sun bed cinema underneath the stars in the sand.

Address: Plantagelaan 2

Regular ticket € 11,00

No refunds, we offer substituted screenings if we are forced to cancel the screening


Gal Dove is an aging ex-criminal who is retiring in a luxurious villa in Spain. He spends his days chilling at the pool, eating delicious food, making love with his wife, and hanging out with a few trusted friends. But his dream life is soon interrupted by an unexpected call. On the other side of the phone is Don Logan, a wicked gangster from London who asks Gal to get one last job done. No is not an option for the ex-lawbreaker, who gets involved in one unpredictable last bloody heist.

The bright colors of the photography of Sexy Beast bring us back to the timeless atmosphere of the late ’80s. But Sexy Beast is a British film cult of the ‘00s, a crime film like no other. It alternates scenes of funny black humor and terrifying breathtaking moments. Yet, what makes the film a compelling crime thriller is the emphasis on the interesting and brutal dynamic between Gal and the psychopath Don Logan.

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