Partho Sen-Gupta • 115 minutes • Australia

Slam (2018) 
Partho Sen-Gupta
115 minutes, Australia

English spoken

Thursday, 25-07
Drijvend Paviljoen

“This is a film about violence and not radicalization.”

After her performance at the slam poetry club in Western Sydney, Ameena (Danielle Horvat), an Australian of Palistinian origin, doesn’t come home. Her mother instinctively feels that there is something terribly wrong and contacts the police. While still investing her disappearance, Ameena’s case is picked up by the media. Not as a woman gone missing, but as yet another dangerous radicalized Muslim woman. She wears a hijab, is inspired by Malcolm X and publicly criticizes the Western society with her poetry.
Her brother Tariq (Adam Bakri)  – rather called Ricky – is the Australian role model for second generation immigrants. He is married to a white Euro-Australian woman; they both work in a cute coffee shop funded by her father and they raise their daughter according to liberal Australian standards. But his picture-perfect life turns into hell when Armeena disappears and he has to face the media.  
In 2015, we screened Partho Sen-Gupta’s second feature Sunrise (2014). Slam is his third film.

Guest Speaker
Shirin Mirachor is the founder of the agency Get Me, foundation (A)WAKE, and one of the forces behind the new MONO. While all of her initiatives operate independently, they complement with one another as three pillars of one movement: creating a harbor for a generation of underrepresented communities driven to bring the social change the world is craving for.
With several projects such as VOTE, Catalyse and HIPSTER/MUSLIM, Get Me has proven itself as a viable platform for social consciousness projects that appeal to youth culture.
At Roffa Mon Amour, she will introduce Slam (2018), tell us more about her (media related) projects and after the screening host a Q&A with its director Partho Sen Gupta.