The Beach


Danny Boyl • 119 minutes • Maaskantine

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Location: Maaskantine.

Outdoor sun bed cinema underneath the stars in the sand.

Address: Plantagelaan 2

Regular ticket € 11,00

No refunds, we offer substituted screenings if we are forced to cancel the screening


Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), is an American backpacker who buys one trip to Thailand in search of exciting experiences. In Bangkok, he meets a raving lunatic named Daffy, who gives him a map that leads to a hidden paradise. But he soon discovers the dreamy haven exists on survival, secrecy, and brutality. 

The Beach is a summerish 00’s cult film. Who didn’t fall for Leo starring in The Beach at the beginning of the millennium? And the charming Tilda Swinton as the leader of the beach community, as always, is one to carry an air of dignified mystery. Playing All Saints Pure Shore on repeat, wandering away with Moby, and getting excited with Leftfield’s breakbeats. We will bring you back to those days, on the sexy tunes of  ‘I’m moving, I’m coming, Can you hear, what I hear.

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