The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime

Sebastian Schindel • 90 mins • Argentina

Based on true events, this film tells the story of Hermogenes who moved to Buenos Aires in search for a better life. Settled with a bum knee and illiterate he is so often told he’s not worth more than a packhorse that he truly believes it. When he finds work in a butcher shop his evil boss introduces him to the meat industry while subjecting him to slavery.

Sebastian Schindel was already a documentary maker when he read the non-fiction novel about the case of Hermogenes. He was deeply impressed and contacted the writer, the lawyer who defended the ‘real’ Hermegones, to discussed possibilities of turning it into a film.

The result is a crime film that fits perfectly into the crime film tradition Argentina is known for. Where most feature film directors are sweating for their author status, Sebastian Schindel is clearly not. Reminding of celebrated films such as The Secret in their Eyes and Nine Queen, the film had all ingredients to become an audience favourite: which actually happened. The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime won many audience awards, including the prestigious Busan Audience Award. Also in home country Argentina the film was a box office hit.