The Cloud in her Room

(2020 )

Zheng Lu Xinyuan • 98 min. • China


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Chinese New Year is ahead and the 22-year old Muzi returns to her hometown Hangzhou – a 10-million citizens capital which has been duplicated since 2005. 


She visits places from her past, the apartment she grew up in and her parents who divorced and who have started new lives. The objects and people are still there,  but she feels estranged from them. The Cloud in her Room welcomes you into Muzi’s mind. We explore her thoughts and desires, sometimes with her college boyfriend, then with an older and charismatic local bar owner. Personal conversations and sensual sex scenes are filmed in black and white with fast changing contemporary China at the background.


With her impressive personal feature debut Zheng Lu Xinyuan investigates the concept of relationships. Friends, children and parents, girlfriend and boyfriend: we are all connected t, but in the end we are alone. This pressing feeling of loneliness seems the aftermath of China’s single child policy in which Zheng grew up.
The Cloud in her Room won the Tiger Award Competition at IFFR 2020.

English subtitles

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