The Pulse 05-08

• 90 min •


Garage Rotterdam
Goudsewagenstraat 27


20:00 – 21:30


∘ No talking

∘ No drugs/alcohol

∘ Barefoot

∘ Respect yourself and one another


Film moves us and to establish new cinematic experiences Roffa Mon Amour started a collaboration with THE PULSĖ & Garage Rotterdam. 


This summer THE PULSĖ kicks off with a weekly break to spark your imagination, to fill your body with joy, and create a space for new friendships to blossom.

Do you remember the sense of aliveness after a first kiss, when tasting your favorite dish, or when you laughed so loud it made you cry? Our bodies can create these feelings on purpose when we give them permission to do so.

The feeling of aliveness is contagious and that is the sweet spot we explore during THE PULSĖ nights at Garage. Guided by soundscapes and moving images a multilayered experience will exist.

We invite curious and open minds to playful movement sessions at a former car garage transformed into a gallery known as Garage Rotterdam.

Photo: Florine van Rees
Styling: Serena Zom
Models: Terrell, Eline, Geneau, Weia, Tim, Jewel, Jasmijn

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