The Trouble With Being Born


Sandra Wollner • 93 min. • Austria/Germany

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A single handsome middle-aged father and his cute teenage daughter Elli spend their summer holiday in a house in the woods. They share lovable memories, chitchat and fool around at the pool. But their day-to-day behaviour soon raises questions on what is appropriate for a paternal relationship…


Luckily, Elli isn’t his real progeny, she is an android and her memories are programmed. Programmed to the desires of the father. One night Elli disappears into the woods drawn by otherworldly voices. A passenger picks her up and the little robot is programmed again to fulfil the human soul in another household.

With this daring sci-fi gem Wollner explores boundaries of AI technology and its ethical acceptance. What kind of behaviour belongs to humans and what can be replaced by machines. What can we allow and where to draw the line? Shot in an elusive surrounding The Trouble with Being Born will trick your perception and brains.
When Wollners second feature premiered at Berlinale 2020 and immediately gained status as one of the most provocative, disturbing films of 2020. At the festival The Trouble With Being Born won the Berlinale FIPRESCI Award. It is said that Wollners style joins the visions of Austrian masters like Ulrich Seidl and Michael Haneke.

English subtitles

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