Tiempo Compartido


Sebastian Hofmann • 96 minutes • Mexico, Netherlands

Tiempo Compartido (2018)
Sebastián Hofmann
96 min., Mexico/Netherlands

Wednesday 18-07
Drijvend Paviljoen

“Satirical nightmare set in a Mexican luxury resort”

Pedro (Louis Gerardo Mendez) takes his wife and young son on a well-deserved break to a tropical, all-inclusive luxury resort – a timeshare – that promises to make “dreams come true”. Settling into their private villa with a swimming pool, they are surprised to find another family at the door. The resort has double-booked the villa and there is no other solution but to share.  While everyone else is passively accepting the situation, Pedro is slowly taken over by paranoia. He is convinced the timeshare multinational has a sinister plan to take his loved ones away…

Director Sebastián Hofmann’s mum worked for a timeshare and took him and his sister to live there for a year when they were children. The character of Gloria (Montserrat Maranõn) is loosely based on her and Tom (RJ Mitte)- the American sales coach – also existed. This childhood experience was the starting point of Tiempo Compartido – a nightmare of all-you-can-eat-buffets, overpopulated swimming pools, sunburned families and hierarchical staff meetings.

With its clever dialogues, comical happenings and surreal situations Tiempo Compartido is a mix of the work of Buñuel and The Coen Brothers. Roffa Mon Amour got the chance to show this film to you at the festival before it appears on the big screens on August 2nd 2018.

Tiempo Compartido is a brilliant piece of sociocritical, authentic and intelligent cinema that dares us to reconsider our values and opens our eyes. And Sebastián Hofmann is a director we admire and can’t wait to see more of.