Roffa Mon Amour 2017
Roffa Mon Amour 2017

Roffa Mon Amur is a young non-profit cultural organization. You can help us to fulfil our dream to empower our audience with mesmerising cinema and to stimulate the film industry. Make this world a better place with more films! Without the support of the municipality, partners, sponsors and funds we could not do what we stand for. From now on you can also help. Donate if you can.

Support our foundation and benefit from special extras and invitations.
Roffa Mon Amour is in possession of an ANBI status. Your donation gives you extra tax deduction.

Donations Individuals

Roffa Mon Amour - Support
  • The Dude


    “I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. Or maybe His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

    Take it easy! Become a true Roffa Mon Amour Dude.
    Our dudes receive:
    * A white russian
    * A big hug
    * Roffa Mon Amour goodies (magazine and postcard)

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  • Blue Jasmine


    “Whatever you do, always give tips.” 

    Live like Jasmine and share your luxury life with others and don’t get the blues like she does…
    Our Jasmines receive:
    * Invitation to the opening film of Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival
    * Welcome drink at the opening of Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival
    * Roffa Mon Amour merchandise
    * Roffa Mon Amour goodies (magazine and postcard)

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  • Rick Blaine


    ” I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    You are Rick Blaine, our most beautiful friend.
    Rick Blaine receives:
    * Access to all film screenings of Roffa Mon Amour: 12 outdoor screenings and  monthly screenings in cinemas.
    * Invitation for all our events
    * Welcome drink at all our events
    * Roffa Mon Amour merchandise
    * Roffa Mon Amour goodies (magazine and postcard)

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Donations Companies

Roffa Mon Amour - Support
  • Festival Partner


    “Gobble gobble one of us.” 

    Become a festival partner. Your logo will be displayed with other partners on the screen before the film starts. Visible for 5000 visitors!

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  • Goodfellas


    Enjoy a night out at Roffa Mon Amour with your partners in crime. We organize an unforgettable business trip for your company!

    A good fella receives:
    * apperitvo
    a beer or wine
    coffee and cake
    film ticket
    * a cocktail
    * popcorn
    * our photographer will make pictures of your team, that we will share with you
    Price is per person 

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  • The Godfather


    Adopt a film and be our guest of honour that evening. You can introduce your company before the film starts that you want to host (400 visitors).

    You will get a special advertisement slide that will be displayed on the screen before the film starts. Visible for 5000 visitors!

    Your logo will be added to our website and we will give special attention on our social media.

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Other ways to help

Roffa Mon Amour - Support


We have a small amount (40) of headphones that you can rent for your silent disco, opening, lectures and wedding parties.

Hire us for film screenings

Do you want a special film screening during your event? We can arrange everything: the film, the screen, the projector. We will create a unique film experience and make your event.


We always need extra help during our festival. Contact


We can always use materials for our festival ground like chairs, lamps, tables, wood, construction materials